Bruschetta's And Spreads

Tassos Bruschettas & Spreads are created from age-old family recipes passed down from generation to generation, each generation adding their own influence. Our Bruschettas (actually they are more correctly tapenades) have a base of olives and Tassos Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Each flavor includes the addition of natural vegetables, spices, herbs or cheese (Yum!).  These multi-purpose products can be used to complement sandwiches, omelets, pizza, pasta or vinaigrettes and may also serve as excellent appetizers all by themselves. Not only have we found our spreads and tapenades to be great party foods (and, really, who doesn't like to dip and scoop?), but also Tassos Bruschettas and Spreads can turn your favorite jar of tomato sauce into a gourmet work of art! You just set the table - and leave the artwork to us!

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