Keep Your Wine Tasting Its Best

How many times have you purchased a delicious bottle of wine only to have it taste different the next day, or time you opened the bottle? Many wine drinkers like to enjoy a good glass of wine and often it is only one glass of wine. So, what do you do to maintain the wine so that the next time you pour a glass it has the same flavor and robustness?

There are a variety of ways to store your wine for that next time, some work for hours and others for days and even weeks. Modern technology has made quite a few advancements in this arena. This article will break down some methods that will help you to enjoy your wine longer.

Method 1 is probably the oldest method. Put the cork back in the bottle, or with many wines  twist the top back on. This method only works for a short time as the damage to the wine has already started as soon as the bottle was opened. Oxygen enters the bottle and begins the oxidation process. Some wines especially young ones gain some benefit from this process but if the process goes on too long your wine will taste quite different. Older wines  don’t fare as well.

Method 2 involves using a vacuum device and a special rubber or silicone stopper to remove the oxygen that has been trapped inside the bottle. This can be a complicated method and does require more time than simply putting the cork back in.

Method 3 involves using a special inert gas mixture that replaces the oxygen in the bottle with another gas that forces the oxygen from the bottle.

Method 4 is by using a special bottle with a floating stopper usually made from silicone or plastic that separates the wine from the air, and allows for pouring but minimizes the oxygen contact with the wine.

Method 5 is refrigeration. Refrigeration slows down the oxidation process but is best when used in conjunction with one of the other methods.

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Have fun and enjoy that bottle of wine more than once.